Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Ah Sir

Yesterday I was with my family going to Jusco S2 to have our dinner and to bring our maid to breakfast there. It was around 6.50 pm by than. I was travelling in the blue dooted line from my home to JS2, reaching the traffic light and I look at the traffic light and it is still green, arrow pointing to the right hand side. So, as usuall I make a right hand turn. Soon after the turning, I saw alot of cars there, bumper to bumper before entering into the shopping mall enterence. I slow down my car, waiting for my turn to go in and out of sudden, a policeman waving his red flag from afar, asking me to park at the road side. I also got a shock, what have I done wrong!!! Shit lah damn it, must kena saman edi lidat!!! I'm very sked with the authorities personnel you see. Remember my post earlier???

So, I stop my car loh at the road side, while waiting for the policeman to come over, my wife asked me "Hey, our car got blacked listed meh???"

I answer "Where got woh, you don't scare me lah."

By than, the 'ah sir' already next to my window.

He asked me : "Encik tahu tak encik buat apa salah...

Me : "Tak tahu lah encik... ( control macho at the same time )

Ah Sir : "Encik langgar lampu kuning tadi lah."

Me : " Langgar lampu kuning??? Adakah encik??? Saya nampak itu lampu hijau baru saya belok kanan mah!!!..."

Ah Sir : "Belok kanan??? Takda lah encik. Encik langgar lampu kuning yang dari hospital punya." ( pretending want to saman and looking at the saman book already )

Me : O_o "Huh??? Saya mana ada dari hospital??? Saya dari rumah saya terus keluar lah encik. Saya rasa encik dah salah kereta lah..."

Ah Sir : "Tapi ada kamera. Gambar encik langgar lampu kuning sudah kena tangkap!!!"

Me : ( Feeling something fishy and very confidence that I'm not wrong this time ) " Ini macam encik saman saja lah saya, tapi saya mau itu gambar sebagai bukti yang saya memang ada langgar lampu kuning di hospital itu......"

Ah Sir : " Ok, encik tunggu sebentar. Saya pergi ambil gambar itu. ( Showing very fierce face )

When he walk away towards his colik and don't know what they talking behind there where I can see it through my rear mirror.......... Than another ah sir came back to me, which I see is younger than the earlier one...

Ah Sir2 : "Encik boleh pergi lah sekarang."

Me : " Tapi itu saman yang saya langgar lampu kuning apa macam??? Nanti saya punya bini bawa kerata ini, nanti kena tangkap apa macam??? Atau saya mau renew roadtax tak lepas apa macam???"

Ah Sir2 : "Takde ini macam punya lah. Encik boleh pergi sekarang..."

Me : "Ok lah ini macam, tapi saya memang takde langgar lampu kuning lah encik!!!"

Without saying anything more, I just wind up my mirror and continue my journey to have my dinner. There are so big different between the road that I'm travelling through ( in the blue dot ) and the way that the ah sir claim that I beat the yellow light. ( in the brown dot ) I wonder why...


janicepa said...

chiu.. that Ah Sir.. tot u kuku.. so wanna "sor" you .. manatau .. u big them so kasi u lari lor.. kekeke..

Huei said...

yesh!!! show them our color! dun let them simply bully us chinese!!!!

*clap hands*

see! no more bad chi! =D

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

U should also ask him ' lu mou minum coppee sama susu?!' Have a nice day!

Sasha said...

they want money la...

W_W_H said...

janice : tot me kuku??? wlong person lah... hehehe...

huei : ;) i show them the colour of the rainbow!!! hahaha!!!

ang moh : kopi susu tak mau, mau kopi o 'kaw'!!!

sasha : mau $$$ pegi ATM cucuk loh!!! lidat also wanna teach meh???

KK said...

dude... you bring your maid for break fast at 6.30pm one r? you dam teruk lar.... evening only let ppl have breakfast... don;t bully your maid lar.

Police: is bulan puasa lar.. they are very very hungry.... anyway is was a good move grabbing his balls.. hehe

W_W_H said...

kk : hey bro, not breakfast in the morning wan lah, is break-fast = buka puasa!!! how can!!!

tangkap bola rugby!!! muahahaaa!!!