Friday, 14 September 2007

Tah Siu Yan!!!

BASKET!!! I hate this kinda people. In front of you tok 1 story, behind of you tok another story.

Toking kok arr you!!!

Wei, let me tell you hah, you don't know me yet. Never ever make my fire come, I'm warning you.........

You don't like me when I'm angry!!! Dare not tok in front of me arr??? Got balls means tok with me face to face lah a**hole!!!

Sorry for my fouls language my dear readers, but I need somewhere to relieve my anger!!! KNN!!!


Huei said...

wahhh!!!! 2 head snake! i hate them oso!

good..let out ur anger!! dun make urself bursting with flames because of some idiots! hehe

janicepa said...

wah... u wan to swear u swear 99 lah .. i sapot u ... u wan me to teach u how to swear ??

u can ask sasha to tah siu yan for u ..

W_W_H said...

huei : swearing enuff edi, wanna cool down now, if not my doters will not reckonise me leh... kekeke...

janice : wuahhhh, u swearing queen arr??? come, give me more ideas... ;)

sasha!!! she tah siu yan queen arr??? wuahh, u all major in something wan meh???