Sunday, 18 January 2009


I'm very sorry for really really really lack of update lately... Been really really really busy with my two lil angels, helping out my wife to bake cookies and cakes and for the coming Chinese New Year preparations. There are still some backdated post yet to be post up, just like this earlier post, where by the new old skool had completed and out from the workshop already. And some pictures I snap during the recent trip back to Taiping and during the new year celebrations. Really really really hoping to find some time to post it... Meanwhile, lets watch some MTV and listen to some songs to boost up the mood for this coming CNY ok???




Monday, 12 January 2009

Old year gone, new year came...

Another year has gone, another year has come. That means another year I grew older, but do i grow wiser???

Chinese New Year is drawing closer and closer,

Spring cleaning to be the main activity now,

Aunties and housewives busy with baking and cooking by now,

Childrens are busy too... shopping for the clothes and fire cracker,

Uncles and mens are excited too... looking forward to GAMBLE again!!!


Lights of harmony...