Friday, 26 September 2008

Opis Politics!!!

Hey... Don't mess around with the MAN who are taking care of 2 lil growing kids!!! I've warn you first!!! Don't later on you come and tell me that you didn't know about me!!!

I CAN be very MEAN if you want me to!!!

I CAN screw up your LIFE into a living hell if you want me too!!!

I CAN be a very BAD ASS if you want me too!!!

I know you are reading my blog too!!! If you think you can bet me out... come on over!!!

Canton people say " PUT YOUR HORSE COME "!!!



Tuesday, 16 September 2008


I'm lost in my own mind!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Mid Autumn Festival

Lai lai lai, lets ciak moon cake!!!

Tonite lets all of us, lay down at the beach, and enjoy the moment of the full moon with our loved ones.........

And don't forget to lite up some candles and lanterns to spice up the environment abit, ok???

With some freshly brewed Oolong Tea, and some steamed Black Horn Nut.........


Monday, 8 September 2008

2 Lil Princess...

Its a full time job,
To be a good mom and good dad,
From the first time the doctor placed 2 of you in our arms,
Only heaven knows how much we loved you all...

You bring cheers and laughters,
And makes us worry and sad,
From your smile and your laughter,
All our tiredness gone without any charm...

Both of us always been thinking,
When will both of you be independence,
No need to cry for nen nen,
No need to cry for oi oi...

But when we think back,
When the day both of you were born,
The memories still fresh in our mind,
Just like had happen the day before yesterday...

Everyday I bend down on my knees,
To pray to the Great One up there,
Praying for blessing for the 4 of us,
Away from harm, away from pain...

Mommy will always sing song for you all,
Daddy will always play with you all,
No matter raining or sunny days,
We will always be there to shades on you...

When you are deep asleep,
Seeing you smiling in your dream,
Been wondering both of us in our mind,
Is it the prince who is making you smile???

Seeing you growing up day by day,
Both our ears all on 2 of you,
Oh how much I always thankful to the Great One up there,
For blessing us with 2 lil princess...

Give us strength, give us energy,
To raise them up, to bring them joy,
With all our heart,
Remember always that mum and dad will always love you...

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Team Building 2008

Yes, the Team building has passed. This time we held it at the Eagle Ranch Resort at the 14th miles, after the Telok Kemang stop at 8th miles. It was a very nice place for a family outing. Quiet, calm, peaceful and very romantic indeed... ;)

A very nice place to be for a short breakaway. Highly recomemded for holiday goers. Here are some of the pics taken...

Somewhere at the entrance of the resorts.

Mind for a pony ride with me???

Or maybe you would like to try out this 1929 Ford pick up???

We played archery... He is one of our old timer in the team... Look at his style... Hehehe...

We played go kart too... A very nice circuit AND alot of cornerssssssss..............

And this is my favorite place... The swimming pool. They have too the open jacuizzi and, sauna and of course, the massage center... Very nice indeed...

And this is the nearby beach. Its about 15 mins walk to there, and it is a very quiet and calm beach... Trust me...

Only after being invaded by us, it turns into a big market!!!

Building raft that can accompany up to 15 people... Raft it to the sea 150 meters away, get the flag and than raft back to the shore... Sorry, no pics taken, cause I'm one of them get stuck at the sea in the end.. Hahaha.........

After all the activities, we went back to the pool area and have our BBQ dinner... Hmm... they serve nice food too... Just look at that 'kambing'... Nice lamb....

Plenty of choices... Specially for us... all the dinasours human!!!

Very calming and peaceful...

After playing, after makan and than a glass or two of beer... this is how we look like...