Saturday, 29 November 2008

Conversation between Daddy, Mummy, 1st Angel and Lil Angel.........

Daddy : *Eyes staring at the TV...*

Mummy : *Eyes staring at the TV too...*

1st Angel : "Mummy mummy, what they doing???" *Finger pointing at the TV*

Mummy : "Err... ask your daddy..."

1st Angel : "Daddy daddy, what they doing???" *Finger still pointing at the TV*

Daddy : *Pretending didn't heard anything*

1st Angel : "Daddy daddy..."

Daddy : *Still making don't know face*

1st Angel : "DADDY DADDY!!!!!!!!!"

Mummy : "Answer her lah........."

Daddy : *Looking at 1st Angel with raised eyebrow* "Yes.........."

1st Angel : "What they doing???" *Finger pointing at the TV*

Daddy : "You mean that uncle and aunty arr???"

1st Angel : "Yes daddy..."

Daddy : "*Daddy's mind starts to running around trying to look for a suitable answer for a 3 years old kid... and than daddy says "They are playing loh..."

Mummy : "Hey, how can you answer this to her???"

Daddy : "I dunno what I can tell her mah..."

Than out of sudden 1st Angel runs towards Lil Angel and starts to kiss Lil Angel on her lips!!!!!!!!!

Mummy : "What are you doing to your mei mei?????????"

1st Angel : "HY playing with MeiMei loh... Daddy say like this playing........."

Mummy : *Look at daddy's with a fierce face*

Daddy : *Pretending didn't see anything, get up from the sofa and walk towards the kitchen*

Mummy : *Fainted!!!*

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Slip Dics!!!

At first I thought it was like something got to do with the dics at home whereby we insert it to the DVD or VCD player and play it... After the doc who examine me explain to me what it means by a slip dics, by than only I know what the heck it is!!!

Damn, no wonder it feel so pain!!! I had a very minor slip dics problem in my neck area, whereby the the dics ( bone ) no 3 from my skull actually had slipped a merely 1mm from its original place. And the damage... my right shoulder from the top till the waist is in damn pain!!! Ouch!!! Thats really hurt!!! Its been 2 weeks already by now, and the pain really really had eased alot compared to the initial few days, thanks to the medicine from the doc and some 'urut urut' session by some sifu... And thanks alot to my wife cause since I'm down for nearly 2 weeks, she had been handling the 2 lil angels all alone, and also need to take care the lil big 'baby' too!!!

So here I am now, 70% recovered and hoping it will get better day by day as soon as possible... C ya around........... ;)