Saturday, 29 November 2008

Conversation between Daddy, Mummy, 1st Angel and Lil Angel.........

Daddy : *Eyes staring at the TV...*

Mummy : *Eyes staring at the TV too...*

1st Angel : "Mummy mummy, what they doing???" *Finger pointing at the TV*

Mummy : "Err... ask your daddy..."

1st Angel : "Daddy daddy, what they doing???" *Finger still pointing at the TV*

Daddy : *Pretending didn't heard anything*

1st Angel : "Daddy daddy..."

Daddy : *Still making don't know face*

1st Angel : "DADDY DADDY!!!!!!!!!"

Mummy : "Answer her lah........."

Daddy : *Looking at 1st Angel with raised eyebrow* "Yes.........."

1st Angel : "What they doing???" *Finger pointing at the TV*

Daddy : "You mean that uncle and aunty arr???"

1st Angel : "Yes daddy..."

Daddy : "*Daddy's mind starts to running around trying to look for a suitable answer for a 3 years old kid... and than daddy says "They are playing loh..."

Mummy : "Hey, how can you answer this to her???"

Daddy : "I dunno what I can tell her mah..."

Than out of sudden 1st Angel runs towards Lil Angel and starts to kiss Lil Angel on her lips!!!!!!!!!

Mummy : "What are you doing to your mei mei?????????"

1st Angel : "HY playing with MeiMei loh... Daddy say like this playing........."

Mummy : *Look at daddy's with a fierce face*

Daddy : *Pretending didn't see anything, get up from the sofa and walk towards the kitchen*

Mummy : *Fainted!!!*

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