Sunday, 26 August 2007

I'm lost!!! Just don't know what to do. I hate this kind of situations where you were not given any choices to choose from. Don't you agree with me??? Felt like being tide at both of my hand, leaving me starving, begging for help. Why mankind must go through this sort of test? Why can't things be more simpler??? Why must we not being allowed to choose??? WHY???

Have you ever be in this situation where you were facing a problem, a BIG one, and there is nothing you can do about it!!! Time is running out fast, and you need some kinda solutions, but where ever you turn to - nothing is there for you!!! Absolutely nothing!!! Can you feel it how hard and pain it can be???

The only thing that I can do now is pray, asking for forgiveness, hoping for miracles to happen. I hope that my prayers will be answer soon, as soon as possible! Please, bear with me. I'm losing my ground. I know its a hard time to go through, but please bear with me my loved ones...

Thursday, 23 August 2007

No Choice!!!

I got no choice but to face it.

I got no choice but to deal with it.

I got no choice but to accept it.

I got no choice but to bear the responsibilities.

I got no choice but to do my part.

"Lou Thien Yeah", please give me the strenght to face it.

Please protect us from any kind of harm.

I'm praying, begging for your help.

Please forgive me if I'm not doing my part right.

Please guide us through this hard time.

I'm begging You, please help us!!!

Friday, 17 August 2007


Got something to share today. Read through these qoutes and tell me what do you think about it.






Make any sense???

Thursday, 16 August 2007


7 morning 8 morning I'm awarded this...

Thanks to her for this award. Really make me very "kam tung" ( WWH wanna weeps away his tears ) Anyway, what makes my blog deserve this award??? Who mind to tell me, cause I really want to know. Well let me see, who should I award this to now??? Hmm... ok, lets say...

Sasha, cause she never stop bla bla bla!!!

Ang Moh, you are one good suppoter of my blog. ;)

KK, thanks for being my friend for the past 20++ years.

Lin Peh, cause he never stop toking 3 and 4.

Wingz, cause he is the rojakz KING!!!

Beautiful Thrusday!!! and Peace!!!


Had the heaviest breakfast of all time!!! 1 pack of nasi lemak with " siu yok ", 2 pieces of roti canai and 1 glass of kopi O ais. Shit, damn high in colestereol intake this morning. But my appetite is very strong lately. How to control lah???

Jialat loh lidat, sure kena high blood pressure and high colestereol wan. ;(

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

7 Lunar Month.

As most of you all know, the 7 Lunar Month has arrived again this year. This is the time where the Taoistism will pray for all the wandering souls all around the world. It starts from the 1st day of the 7 month according to the lunar calender and ends on the 30th day of the month. These wandering souls actually when a human died, there are no family members that offer prayers to them, no proper ceremony held to please their souls, or maybe died in a horrible way, thats why they wanders around.

I still remember during our childhood time, parents will forbidden us from going out from the house after 5 pm, or after the sunsets. They said that this is the time where all these wandering souls will roam the streets in your neighbourhood. If you go out, there will be no protections for you cause inside the house got GODS mah, right??? Being scared by this phenomena, all we do is be home before the sun sets, stay in the house, go to bed earlier, no more late night tv and so on and so forth lah.

But nowadays, when you look around you during this month in the big cities, where got such kinda ruling somemore??? Especially when there are prayers held by some associations, there will be concerts lah, bidding on certain artifacts, dinners on big scale...etc. And this prayers are normally held during the night time. I believe you have seen it before your own eyes right. Even children are all around this area at this kinda time. Arent' they afraid of anything??? Or maybe this advises and pratices have not been pass through generations???

And the most funny thing is that in Chinese we do not call it the " Ngor Kwai Festival ", but where the ang moh called it the " Hungry Ghost Festivals "??? Funny heh...

Anyway, take good care during this month. Don't travel at night if possible, and pray to God hard hard asking for protections and forgiveness yeah.........


Monday, 13 August 2007


DONE!!! I'm regaining myself now, with all the bad chi gone away. So far its has been "ok" for the past few days, and I'm hoping and praying hard that this will never come back ( which will never happen ) or maybe to be reduced to minimum on the effect on me. Anyway, past is past. ( must pratice meditations ) Thanks for all your advices, prayers and help me to " TAH SIU YAN " !!! ;)

Ok, to the main point. I'm planning to change my desktop from my old pentium 2 CPU to a whole new set of processor. And I'm kinda confused with the tech nowadays, with so many choices in the market to choose from. I believe some of you out there are quite some expert in this field, so I need some recommendations and choices of which one to go for and what type I should purchase. I play pc games of course, internet of course and I prefer it to have a good sound system.

Any advises??? ;)

Thursday, 9 August 2007


What kinda curse that I've landed on??? I'm been teribly hit since last Saturday. Hey, anyone of you curse me arr??? If yes, please lah please cure it for me ok??? Please................

On Saturday when I'm on my way going to work, I was being stop by police roadblock. Until the checking have been done, as I was about to speed off in my old car the policeman again stopped me. I'm blur that time cause I'm not doing any wrong, why am I being stopped for the 2nd time???
I asked him, " Latuk, apahal??? "
He replied, " Encik, lampu number plate encik tak nyala lah "
Haiya, lidat sure kena saman wan lah. SHIT!!! There goes my RM50 on saman.

On Sunday, when I was on my way coming back from work, my old car suddenly broke down when nearing my home. So, I got no choice but to leave my car roll to the side of the main road. I get out form my old car, lock it, on the double signal and walk across the road to a nearby petrol kiosk to cari pomen. Reach the kiosk, manage to find a pomen, walk with him back to my car. Its around 15 minutes times when I leave my car and back, and there is it, another saman stick on my screen viper. SHIT!!! Another RM30!!! How can!!! Car broke down, park it at the road side, which is so coincident is a double yellow line, and there goes another RM30... which is more than enough to pay the pomen, which he only charges my RM20. KNS!!!

On Monday morning, when I was about to leave my home to go to work, I've found out that my working shoes went missing!!! Ask the maid whether she wash it or not, she said no. Ask my wife did she notice it or not, she said no. Than where the heck my shoes have gone??? NOW YOU SEE, NOW YOU DON'T!!!. Who wanna steal it lah, dirty somemore. -___-

Tuesday went to the bank during lunch time, reach there 12.30 pm, take a number, sat down, check on the number screen to know how many more people only will be my turn. Only 15 nos. AHHHHH, safe for today..... wait wait wait... damn it. At 1.25 pm only is my turn. 15 numbers from 12.30 pm to 1.25 pm. What kind of service is this huh??? Miss my lunch, no makan for lunch. Have to tahan until dinner time.

Wednesday after work go buy numbers. WEDNESDAY mah, numbers day!!! I got RM 100 with me that time. Spent rm 20 buying numbers, get out from there after buying, went to a petrol kiosk to pump petrol. Look for my rm 50 note, cannot find. DROP edi arr??? Look up and down, nothing.......... totally nothing!!! Not again!!! Thats it....

You say lah, where got meaning one lidat. None stop. Today dunno what will happen somemore. Now is only 10.30 am. Not even half day yet. Must tahan for today!!! Hey, anyone out there got any curing stuffs arr???

Monday, 6 August 2007

I'm $1,000,000 Richer!!!

Ah Huei arr, where is my money huh??? Which bank account you have bank in??? Got tag by her!!! Revenge arr you??? muahaha!!!

Instructions :
**Start Copy**
Proposition: If you Have $1,000,000.00…………………………
Requirements: continue above sentences

Tag Mode: 5 blogger
1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.
What They Do With Their $1 Million1.

1. SYH will spend for Family.
2. Miche will give to the needy.
3. Montessorimum will keepsake
4. Lovely Mummy will spend & save
5. MummyInVain will fullyutilise
6. Babyfiona will buy house and open business
7. Huei will open an Animal Shelter and petshop.

IF I had a million dollars, I would...

1. First I will settle all my loans ( 10% ) ( cars, house, credit cards ) which i see will never ends. Shit!!!

2. I will buy another BIGGER house. ( 10% ) ( never learn!!! )

3. Do investment of course, with the market is so good nowadays! Yeehaaaa!!! ( 20% )

4. Parents and parents in law lah for sure, kenot forget them wan. ( 20% )

5. Keep it for my family future use. ( 30% ) ( studies lah, this lah, that lah... )

6. Last but not least, do charity and donation loh. ( 10% ) ( i'm very generous wan u know )

Wow, 1 million and thats it??? Seems like can't do anything much also heh. ( try to see if you got 1 million!!! peng 9 san liao )

Ok, here comes the next millionaire!!!!!!!!!

1. Sasha ( you used to tag me!!! muahahahaha, enjoy!!! )

2. Janicepa ( money face liao you )

3. Ang Moh ( lets go to UK watch 22 people kick 1 ball ok arr??? )

4. My Lou Poh ( so she can get richer also loh )

5. My Daughters ( greedy FATHER!!! )


Saturday, 4 August 2007

85%!!! Sure Boh???

Got this from her. Take up the test and the results are at the bottom. Yah, you should too take up the test too.

85%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Toronto Singles from Mingle2

Wondering do I really deserve this amount of addictions??? What do you think???

Friday, 3 August 2007

What I Hate The Most!!!

I can't sleep. Its 1.30 am and I can't SLEEP!!! Anyway, got tagged by Sasha on WHAT I HATE THE MOST!!! Hmm...... let me see...

1. I HATE rats. ( their weird looking tails )

2. I HATE lizards. ( which it always shits on your house walls )

3. I HATE worms. ( don't like the way they wiggly )

Muahahahahaaaaaa............. is my turn now to tag others. Be very sked I tell you..

1. Ah Huei
2. Ah Pek
3. Ah Janicepa

Don't angry yah, hehehe... PEACE!!!