Friday, 3 August 2007

What I Hate The Most!!!

I can't sleep. Its 1.30 am and I can't SLEEP!!! Anyway, got tagged by Sasha on WHAT I HATE THE MOST!!! Hmm...... let me see...

1. I HATE rats. ( their weird looking tails )

2. I HATE lizards. ( which it always shits on your house walls )

3. I HATE worms. ( don't like the way they wiggly )

Muahahahahaaaaaa............. is my turn now to tag others. Be very sked I tell you..

1. Ah Huei
2. Ah Pek
3. Ah Janicepa

Don't angry yah, hehehe... PEACE!!!


Huei said...


my hates ar..can go on forever wor!! heheeh

i dun like lizards..cos their tail will fall off..scary!!

Cocka Doodle said...

Kenot sleep at 1.30am ah?
Wake the wife up and pock yeh lah!

Nice blog you have here, btw!

W_W_Ho said...

huei : wuuaaahhhhhhhh!!!... dun be so cruel lah. limit lah all the hates. hehehe... ;)

eeeeewwwww, talk about lizards!!!

cocka : *shy shy liew* muahahahahahaaaaa......... thanks for dropping by. ;)