Thursday, 28 June 2007

Wish To Have This NOW!!! ( for readers 18 and above only )

Its now 3.00 am in the morning and I'm working. WHAT!!! Working??? Yeah, thats the life of a shift worker. And now I'm thirsty, and craving for these.........

and these...

I'm not a regular drinker, but just don't know why when I'm tired, lazy, moody......... I'll definitely think of these. Hmm... always got objection from my 'lou poh' when I want to go to 'feng tau' sessions. At the end, she will be my driver... hehehe. :) Such a bad person I am hoh. Sendiri want to enjoy, but have to trouble other people. But my 'lou poh' very understanding person wan, she won't angry wan, hoh hoh hoh......... ;) ( don't tell my wife yah )

Weekend is around the corner liao, means that offday is also near liao. Yeahooo, can lepak at home, no need to work, but no 'kai kai' woh. Have to sit at home for another 2 more weeks during the offdays before we can go to 'kai kai', drink the famous 'Kopi O Kaw' together with the Curry Chicken Bread by OLDTOWN KOPITIAM. Yum yum, be tahan, hungry liao. Have to stop here ledi, tummy rumbling all the way, my brain cannot function properly liao. Mum mum first.........

Wednesday, 27 June 2007


My wife is going through on confinement period now. Already 2 weeks liao, another 2 weeks to go. Its such a,... I would rather say suffering month for her to go through, with the smelly blackish water fill with ' lou keong ' ( old ginger ) to bath with, bitter greenish kind of mixture with ginger to drink, no fan, no air cond, have to cover from the top of her head all the way to her toes, everyday mabuk with herbs, DOM, chicken and meats. Pity my wife. But one thing for sure is that all this is good for her lah, rite??? *sigh*

On the other hand, my first daughter was so curious about her sister. Everytime, the lil baby cries for milk or weted her diapers, she will be the first one who reaches the scene. Such a quick action she got. Than she will be waiting there for the confinement lady to feed the lil one or changes her diapers. After all had been done, she will again be the first one who leaves the scene. U say lah, who say lil kids dunno anything about brothers and sistershood???

Confinement lady pulak, not enough of taking care my wife and lil baby, she also want to torture me somemore. Everytime she cook for my wife, sure she will ask me whether I want some extra of this dish or not lah, want to drink that or not lah. What to do, who ask me to be so greedy, terus me answer her " I want that too!!!" Sooner or later, sure I can challange Ah Pek's tummy liao. ' Be tahan ' liao, getting fatter ledi liao now. But she do cook delicious food I can say that.

Well, hope that everything will be fine. ' Tai tai sai sai peng peng on on, sun sun lei lei lah' ;)

Tuesday, 26 June 2007


What does it takes to be a good man, a good husband and a good father? Is it really that hard, challenging and tiring to archieve it? Or maybe you called it " Mission Impossible " ??? What do you say? Have you ever thought of this before? To all the men out there, what do you think about this?

I'm happily married to a Taiping girl and being blessed with 2 lovely daughter. Received alot of calls and questions from peoples around me saying such as "Wow, 28 got 2 child liao, very 'keng' lah u", "How u can manage all these?", "Financial no problem kah?", etc etc etc... I been thinking, after all these questions being throw on me, no wonder so many ppl nowadays get married so late. All because of one main subject, DOUBLE S ELEVEN!!! In chinese got one saying that "When the ship reaches the dock, it will straighten by itself". Well, to tell u the truth, I do beleive in this phrase. Planning things doesn't mean it will work out accordily right... I don't mean not to plan anything at all, but just flow with the wind lah. Understand arr???