Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Haiya, not being updating for few days liao. Feel very guilty. Been quite busy lately, plus the weather was sooooooooo weeeeeeeetttttttttt, thus making me lazy and slowing down my brain from thinking too much. ;) Yes, its true! The weather is so cold. Its not just that I'm slowing down, even my old car also started to sneeze lately. Wonder why??? Send him to the mech, diagnosis, outcome no problem. But when I'm driving him, every now and then sure "engine mati" wan. Why huh?

My wife have been very busy lately taking care the 2 Angels after the confinement lady left us. *sigh* ( miss your cooking aunty ) My eldest daughter like normal lah, been so active at her age now, never stop walking, running, climbing... and talking...!!! *phew* For the younger wan, normal lah for now... drink milk, sleep, muaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!... ;) Being a mother for 2 little kids is not easy man. Pity my wife. Sometimes I just hope that I can help her throughout the whole day, but I have to work. " Lou poh, steady yah!!! " Even though she is so busy with both of them, she still can find the time to do some cooking, making some tit bits for the lil ones, doing some household course... I salute you!!!

And a sad and tragic stories that hits me lately is that since the weather started to change last week, from hot to wet, my whole aquarium of gold fish all baliked kampung liao, overnight!!! SHIT!!! Can you imagine the heart sickness of what you have give it out all the while, keeping them safely, feeding them, and out of sudden, all baliked kampung... ;( Give up now for keeping gold fish...

Maybe I'll to keep Flower Horn... What do you think???

Friday, 27 July 2007

IT Tech

When the IT technology gone too far into our dailylife, what will be the effect on us??


Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Nice Neighbour Of Mine.

There is a neighbour of mine where his house alarm will always go on a rampage, making loud siren alarm like no other people's business. Its like this fellow had already preset the alarm to go on making noises when the time comes, example 12 noon once and it lasts for 10 minutes, 1 pm once also last for 10 minutes and keep on going for the following hours until 4 pm. When he comes back from work, guess what... the alarm will go to sleep until the next day afternoon. And it happen Monday to Friday, everyday, everyweek......... and he have been staying there for the past 3 years...

Can you imagine it the noise that being produced by a house alarm??? It is so damn loud and irritating ok!!! There are some neighbour that already talk to him about it. And he agree to rectify the problem. But the next day, things still the same, loud noise, same time, same place!!! TNS!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes I just wonder what do he have inside his house??? Gold plated toilet bowl arr??? Or maybe platinum floor??? Or maybe furnitures and walls decorated with diamonds??? One fine day I really wanna go and pay him a visit and check it out for myself what actually is inside his house. Or maybe he kept alot of PIAOMEI inside his house. Hmm...... really makes me wonder why..........

Ok, cut the crap... Now that since this already happen lidat, what can I do as a good neighbour ( not to hurt his feeling lah ) to stop all this kind of alarm making noises to happen again. Any idea???

Sunday, 22 July 2007

The Meaning Of Kisses.........

Kisses, I believe everyone of you might have experience it before. What does it feels like??? How is the feeling of being over powered by kisses??? Satisfaction? Excited? Melted? You name it, you have it. But do you know that in every type kisses, there is a meaning behind it. Lets find it out ok???
  • Kiss on the stomoch : I'm ready!!!
  • Kiss on the forehead : I hope that we are together forever.
  • Kiss on the ear : You are my everything.
  • Kiss on the neck : We belongs to each other.
  • Kiss on the shoulder : I want you!!!
  • Kiss on the lips : I LOVE U!!!

How about some actions being done to you by your loved ones other than kisses... Lets check it out too what kind of actions and the meaning behind it.........

  • Holding hands : We definitely loved each other.
  • Slap on the butt : Thats MINE!!!
  • Holding on tight tight : I don't want to let go!
  • Looking into each other's eyes : I just really in love with you.
  • Playing with the hair : Tell me that you love meeeeee.........
  • Arm around the waist : I Love You too much until I can't let go.
  • Laughing while kissing : I am completely comfortable around with you.

So ladies and gentlemen, what do you think about it? Does it make any sense???

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Leapping Eye Lid...

My left eye lid have been leapping for the past 3 days......... making me feel very uneasy. Any info on this strange phenomena that you would like to share???

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Our 2nd ANGEL fullmoon.

The time has come!!! as per requested, this is some photos taken from my 2nd daughter's full moon celebration on the 12/7/2007. Cousins cousins sekalian, especially to Hsen, ( who keep on asking me, bugging me when to post this pics. kidding mia ) this is it.........

The begining of the prayers.


My family

The confinement aunty. ( she cook good food yeh... )

My BIG family

God Parents

Ah Ku & Ah Kim

Last Uncle & Last Aunty

My 2nd Daughter & Me

Thank you everyone for all your wishes, presents and " ang pow ", and thank you again to all the family members, uncles and aunty and cousins cousins sekalian for making this full moon a memorable one.Thank you again... ;)

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Tagged!!!!!!!!!......... again...Me Weird

Am I WEIRD??? Am I??? Some people say yes, some people say no... I wonder. Anyway, to answer Sasha's tag on me...... again...!!! Here it goes......... and its up to you all to judge on me k???
  1. I like to talk to myself, everywhere, whenever there is something that came across my mind that need to be speak out!!!
  2. I love to drink ( get mabuk ) alone, and I hate to be accompanied by others when I'm sober.
  3. My wife always says that I like to act like a small kid, which I used to do it infront of my angels. ;)
  4. Same like Sasha, goose bump all over my body when I see worms, cacing...etc, but I killed all the "kat chat" ( cockroach ) with my bare-hand!!!
  5. Everytime when I came across any police car, police traffice... anything got to do with the enforcement officer when I'm driving, I'm veli sked that they are actually chasing after me, even though that I didn't do anything wrong. How come leh???
  6. People says that I used to laugh very loud, even though on just a very not so funny thing. Is that you called it weird arr???

Now my tag have been answered, and it is my turn now to tag other people !!! Muahahahaha......... be very sked I tell you, be very sked........

Happy doing homework on Sunday!!!!!!!! Muahahahahahaaa........................ Peace!!!

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Commonly used phrases in the office and... what they really mean!

Muahahahahaha......... before I start to talk about it, I edi start laughing. Everyday see it, everyday read it, and everyday write it. And I never thought of it until a 'pang yao' of mine used a highlighter pen and highlighted it to me, by than I straight MUAHAHAHAAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!! Pleasesss scroll down to find out more.........
1) For your information. (FYI)
- I don't know what to do with this, so please keep it.
2) For your action. (FYA)
- I don't know what to do with this, so I'm passing this shit to you.
3) Noted and returned.
- I don't know what to do with this, so please keep it for a little while.
4) Review and comment.
- Do the dirty work so that I can forward it and sign off with my name.
5) Action please.
- Get yourself involved. Don't worry, I'll claim the credit.
6) For your necessary action.
- It's your headache now. Woohoo!!!
7) CC to
- Here's a share of the headache.
8) BCC to
- I'm telling someone important that I'm working and sharing the headache with you.
9) For your approval, please.
- Put your neck on the chopping board for me please. :D
10) Action is being taken and will revert in due time.
- I lost your correspondence and still trying to locate it. - I??m busy! Bother me next week!!!
11) Please discuss.
- I don't know what this is all about. So please brief me.
12) For your immediate action.
- Do it NOW! Or we'll all get into trouble!!!
13) Please reply soon.
- Please be efficient. It makes me look inefficient because of you!
14) I am investigating/ processing your request with the relevant departments.
- They are causing the delay, not me! (Eyes open big big, innocent look)
15) Thanks & Regards.
- Thanks for reading all this bullshit.
Muahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa..................... ;)

Wednesday, 11 July 2007


I’ve been tagged by Sasha!!! 7 early 8 early logged in, and found out that I’ve been tagged! Never thought of being tagged at this stage cause I’m still new in blogsphere. Anyway, the discussions Sasha had throw to me is on FTWM or SAHM, which I found it to be quite an interesting topic to talk about. So, lets try it on a father / daddy ok? I prefer to be a SAHD in this situation. My reasons / point of view for this preferred choice is ………………………………… :

1) I want to spent most of my time with my lovessss one. ( my lovely “ lou poh “ and my 2 adorable cute little daughter. )

2) I love to travel, which I’ve in my mind to travel around the world with them. ( “lou poh and daughters lah” )

3) I’m LAZY to fry big wok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve answered your tag Sasha. ;) By the way, to live life to the fullest, you need the help from our Big Brother ( $$$ ) right? ( correct me if I’m wrong ) So mia have to work loh, no work no money loh. Life is lidat wan loh. Haiya what to do right, unless………

Have a nice day everybody!!!

Monday, 9 July 2007

Sad Monday morning news...

Have you read today’s newspaper??? Its all over the headlines in every dailies. Its a very disturbing news about a 4 year old cute little girl in Penang being brutally murdered, burn and the remains of the body are being strewn in several places.

What is happening in our society now? Why are people getting more and more out of their mind? If you have read about this article, how could someone can be so mean to hurt such a cute girl. She is such an innocent girl in every single way, and I don’t think she deserve to be treated this way. This is not the first time of such a case happened. As you can recall, there is quite a number of cases that is related to the abuse of children and women for the past 2 years.

To the ‘human’ who does all these kind of sins, can you imagine what kind of damage you have done? Its about life I’m talking about here! You are taking away life from their loved ones. How about all the family members that are mourning over the death of their loves one? The bitter memory will remain in their mind for the rest of their life. I’m very sorry but I’ve to stop here, cause I’m too angry, too sadden, my mind is confused making me don't know what to write some more……… *sigh*

Saturday, 7 July 2007


*sigh* Where to fork out more money? Need to dig where somemore?

For the past months, which month(s) did you notice that there is no news about prices hikes??? Below are the list that I've gathered together. Please take a look, which one doesn't affects you...

1. Petrol
2. Toll
3. Wheat flour
4. Rice
5. Cigarettes
6. Alcohol
7. Baby formula
8. Electricity
9. TV

Might have miss out some, but with this list is enough to kill me by now. You tell me lah, what to do somemore by now. You tell me lah!!! @$%#^&*,?.@#%@#8&(9!!!

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Magnifying View

Got these photos from a friend of mine who works in Dubai. Can you imagine it? All these is happening in the middle of the desserts!!!

I want to go there too! Wei, when are you coming back to Malaysia??? Miss the drinking sessions. You know who am I referring too right... ;)

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Thought Of The Day

“To be honest in every single action you do.” “To be responsible in every single action you take.” “Never lies towards your loved one, and never ever make an empty promises if u can’t fulfill it.”

Sound familiar? Ever heard of this before? Ever argue over it before?

Well, I believe every single one of you might have been through this before. Did you do it on purpose? Or is it because you have some hidden agenda behind it. Some may think that if I’ve done it, and if I keep it to myself, no one will know it unless for myself right? You are wrong actually. One fine day comes, and every single thing will be unleashed out.

Honesty and responsibilities is a very crucial word. To adapt someone life into this behavior is not easy. It really takes a lot of effort and self-discipline for someone to behave in this way. Fulfilling everyone’s needs is not easy too. Some may came across the scenario which you are trap in between 2 options which is hard to choose from. There are a Chinese phrase that says, “both of your palm and back hand is the flesh”, so which one to choose from??? So, before making any promises, think it over again and again whether you can really fulfill it or not.

White lies always being told, I bet you. For you to think that telling white lies is for the good of yourself, your partner, your family… etc, actually its ended up one word, DISHONESTY and LIES!!! When there is one time, there is always a second time, third time… so, when all these going to stop??? White lies will not lead you to anywhere, will not make you a happier person. It will only makes you scared and worries all the time, worry of being discovered bout the truth.

And are you expecting someone to be responsible over your own action?? Please let me know if there are someone outside there who are so generous in doing so. Every single action leads to an outcome, and the outcome that is the most important results of all. Bear the responsibilities my friend, never ever push to someone else to bear it for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every single person deep down inside themselves, there is always a misery. Good or bad, is up to themselves to see it.

Think about it………Have a thought………

Monday, 2 July 2007

2 Options

To all the men and women out there, if you were been given an option to choose between family and career, which one will be your priority? To go for career, you have to leaves behind your family for a certain period of time. To go for family, you will missed out an oppourtunity that you have been waiting for years to come by.

Which one do you go for? What is your say to this situations?

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Sunday Lesson

Any Hokkien people around??? If yes, ssshhhhhh.......... and if you are not a Hokkien person, come I teach you BASIC Hokkien, ok??? Lets the class begin.........


Muaaaahahahahaha......... Have a wonderful weekend.........


And here is a song dedicated to all the daddys out there, wherever you are, let sing this song together.........