Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Thought Of The Day

“To be honest in every single action you do.” “To be responsible in every single action you take.” “Never lies towards your loved one, and never ever make an empty promises if u can’t fulfill it.”

Sound familiar? Ever heard of this before? Ever argue over it before?

Well, I believe every single one of you might have been through this before. Did you do it on purpose? Or is it because you have some hidden agenda behind it. Some may think that if I’ve done it, and if I keep it to myself, no one will know it unless for myself right? You are wrong actually. One fine day comes, and every single thing will be unleashed out.

Honesty and responsibilities is a very crucial word. To adapt someone life into this behavior is not easy. It really takes a lot of effort and self-discipline for someone to behave in this way. Fulfilling everyone’s needs is not easy too. Some may came across the scenario which you are trap in between 2 options which is hard to choose from. There are a Chinese phrase that says, “both of your palm and back hand is the flesh”, so which one to choose from??? So, before making any promises, think it over again and again whether you can really fulfill it or not.

White lies always being told, I bet you. For you to think that telling white lies is for the good of yourself, your partner, your family… etc, actually its ended up one word, DISHONESTY and LIES!!! When there is one time, there is always a second time, third time… so, when all these going to stop??? White lies will not lead you to anywhere, will not make you a happier person. It will only makes you scared and worries all the time, worry of being discovered bout the truth.

And are you expecting someone to be responsible over your own action?? Please let me know if there are someone outside there who are so generous in doing so. Every single action leads to an outcome, and the outcome that is the most important results of all. Bear the responsibilities my friend, never ever push to someone else to bear it for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every single person deep down inside themselves, there is always a misery. Good or bad, is up to themselves to see it.

Think about it………Have a thought………


Sasha said...

deeper than the sea. need time to digest abit

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

If whatever U do is for the best for urself or for ur family, then u should not have any guilty feeling.White lies or dishornesty is not an issues here. The goal is to have a happy family.How u achieved this is up to u.( Just my 'hor ny' opinion ).BTW tq for dropping by. Have a nice day.

W_W_Ho said...

sasha : digest completed edi arr??? 2 days liao woh...

hor ny ang moh : wa respect ur opinion. salute first!!!