Saturday, 7 July 2007


*sigh* Where to fork out more money? Need to dig where somemore?

For the past months, which month(s) did you notice that there is no news about prices hikes??? Below are the list that I've gathered together. Please take a look, which one doesn't affects you...

1. Petrol
2. Toll
3. Wheat flour
4. Rice
5. Cigarettes
6. Alcohol
7. Baby formula
8. Electricity
9. TV

Might have miss out some, but with this list is enough to kill me by now. You tell me lah, what to do somemore by now. You tell me lah!!! @$%#^&*,?.@#%@#8&(9!!!


KK said...

Not only you bro... we all face the same problem... just have to live with it.

janicepa said...

ya wor.. my hubby is facing the same problem too.. especially with the new comer !!! haihz..... \

thanks for visiting me blog..

W_W_Ho said...

janicepa : let me share the "kepala pening" thing with ur hubby. hehehe.........

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Everything up except salary! What can u do? Well I suppose u know what to do cum next erection! As for me I have being cuting back on all sort of thing. From 4 wheel to two wheel. If like this go on very soon from petrol power to humen power ( bicycle )! Have a nice day.

janicepa said...