Sunday, 16 September 2007

8 "Tulan" Questions & Statements.

Got tagged by Kampua Talk!!! Its all about question and statement that I hate to answer and hear... Ok here it goes, 8 stupid questions and statement that I hated most!!!

1. Why are you looking at me while you are talking to me???

Come on lah, if not than are you expecting me to look at someone else while talking
to you???

2. Yes boss, can I help you???

Do I look like your boss??? Most of the time when I step into any shop this will
be the normal kind of greetings from the shop asst. Do I really look like your
boss meh??? I didn't pay your salary anyway...

3. Are you on diet???

If I eat less, didn't mean that I'm on diet right???

4. Good morning sir. I'm calling from 'xxx' insurance company and can you give
me 5 to 10 minutes to explain our new policies to you. You might be very
interested on it.

Haiya, sorry lah. Me 'boh eng' lah. Call me back next time ok. Bye... ;)

5. "The number you have dailed is currently not available. Please try again later."

Hey, what for you carrying a handphone if cannot be contact most of the time!!! Lidat better don't use lah, save up your money too...

6. "Encik, ini encik kena fill in this form dulu than datang balik sini untuk
apply at this counter."

What kind of language is he or she is talking??? Abit malay, abit english, very confusing lah. Or maybe he or she is trying to show of his or her skill in talking both language at the same time? Tiu!

7. "Haiya, your one where good one. My one much more better than yours. You
know mine wan hoh make in 'XXX' company wan you know..."

You like lah my friend, as long you happy with it. I got no intention of want to compete with you. "LU SUKA LAH!!!"

8. "You called my handphone arr???"

If MY number already on your handphone under the "MISSED CALL" folder, than other than ME that call you, who else lah you say!!! Siao!!!

Done. Completed your tag Clare. Anyone else who want to do this tag, by all means go ahead. Muahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....................!!!



Clare said...

Thanks for doing the tag!

I hate the "Fill ini form first and then datang balik register kat counter ni" also. Very irritating! If wanna show off his/her Engrand so much might as well speak proper English lah, taruk BM, taruk rojak for what I pun tak tau! =P

Huei said...

I AGREE WITH #3!!!!!

everytime i dun feel like eating or dun finish my food..ppl will assume i'm dieting..betahan!!!!

#2..indirectly u're the boss lar..cos indirectly u're paying them! hehehehe

Sasha said...

luckily u never get the call the "CON call wan"..that one lagi teruk

W_W_H said...

clare : u r welcome, my pleasure... ;)

huei : don like it lah they call me lidat. very paiseh wan lah.

sasha : wat is CON call arr???