Saturday, 15 September 2007

Down Memory Lane

It has been coming to 3 years after the massive earthquake and the big tsunami waves hits mankind on 26/12/2004. This date still remains very clearly in my wife and my mind cause....................................
we tied our knot on 19/12/2004, and our honeymoon was in Phuket from 21/12/2004 till 25/12/2004. During our honeymoon, we stayed in Patong Beach. Guess what, this was the place where it was worst hit during the tsunami waves.

Can you imagine it???

Are we really lucky or what???

Eventually we have plan to extend our stay, but due to some unforseen circumstances we didn't. And we left Phuket on Christmas Day 2004, 8.30 pm flight. Reached home before midnight, unpacked and we went on with our sleep.

And the next morning during our breakfast, both our handphone keep on ringing like no other business, calls from our relatives and friends asking for our whereabout. We manage to get some info from our relatives thru the phone, until when we reach home, on the tv, check on the news, by than only we know what had happen actually.

Heard the news again yesterday, massive earth quakes and tsunami warning throughout the Indian Ocean straight, and I can feel the chill running down my body. Can't really imagine it if it really happens again...

What if we manage to extend our stay in Patong Beach??? What will happen to us??? Only God knows man.........


Huei said...

THANK GOD u r safe!!!!!!


u're the 2nd person that i heard that was in phuket n couldn't extend ur stay..thank god!!!!

janicepa said...

waiyah... Really God Bless men .. gee.. u look so young in tht picture..

W_W_H said...

huei : never been more relieve man!!! i dun wanna experience it again man!!!

janice : look so young heh, tat time baru kahwin mah, still fresh fresh!!!