Friday, 7 September 2007

*Ring* *Ring*

Have you ever received any phone calls from any insurances agents that you don't know them at all? And the funny part is that how they got your contact number, home or offices addresses and your personal details? This have been happening to me quite often, and it is from the same company, but with different agents that keep on calling back again and again and again...

I really salute them partly, cause they are these kinda person that have thick skin, that don't care about how other people scolded them, curses on them, avoided them ... etc. ( which I didn't do at all ). One thing for sure is that these kinda call is very annoying!!! They keep on calling you back, day after day, but at the same time, like what I'm doing is evereytime they called, I'll surely reject them buta buta wan. But, once you think it is over, the next day, they can call you back and can ask how about your decision. Aren't they understand what I've said earlier??? And than it goes again, one word... *Don't Want*. No need to waste your saliva to talk more about it, cause everything for me is the same. Pay extra, more burden!!!!!!!

On the other hand, when I think deeply, they have to keep on surviving in this competitive environment. Actually pity them also lah, every month have to hit target, if not backside sure kena fire wan. Target didn't hit, less commisions. Less money, mau makan apa??? But if I if to enrol on all these, they got something from me, but me mau makan apa??? Really jialat lidat!!! Okokok, cut the crap!!!

Any of you can offer any kind of better way to decline all these kinda calls from them??? Any idea???

Sorry for the readers out there if you are one of the agents. I mean no harm... I come in PEACE!!! I only seeking for remedy and solutions only. Please don't sue me yah, myself also cari makan like you all...



Hor ny Ang Moh said...

1. Aiyah buy soooo many policies already so no money to buy anymore!
2.No money to buy any more.....why I just cancel a few policies!
3.Even credit card already bar so where got money?
4.I buy ur policy, u buy my policy can or not? But u buy mine first! I am also an insur agent!!!

This r the reason I use!

For medical insur

Aiyah ur panel hospital/clinic is so far away! By the time I reach there died already!

Can ur medical insur be use to claim income tax? No arr? Then I cannot buy loh! Beside my regular ins policy cover all already....even my coffine cost!!!

Just some of the reason I use ( b'cos I use to be an agent also, still freelance ).Have a nice day!

Huei said...

i got one today..i salute their cheong hei-ness!

15mins!!!! even after i said no..she went on and on and on!

siao!!! heheheh

W_W_H said...

ang moh : wuahhhhh!!! very long one. good wan lah ang moh. btw, r u writing a post??? hehehe.

huei : tats y loh, reli sked of them edi...