Thursday, 30 October 2008

You Got Mail!!!

Hehehe... I'm very surprised today to received a surprised email early this morning... This email is from......... Datuk Tony Fernandes, the CEO of AirAsia!!! What a surprised!!!

At first I thought it was some kinda junk mail from don't know who cause it just written Tony Fer in my inbox email title. Than I got this hunce here and decided to open it, cause normally I'll delete all the unrecon mail without opening it.........

And once I've open the mail, and there it is... the AirAsia on the top of the mail and the Best Regards, Tony Fernandes at the bottom of the mail. After reading through it, by than only I realised the content of this email is related to this post that I've made in the earlier of the month. And I've been wondering, I didn't write to any of the AirAsia counterpart here, but how come they can reply me with this email... or is it just a coincidence...???

Anyway, I'm just feel very touched and definitely surprised and I feel that I've been valued as a customer from the reply of this email... Definitely a very good work by the CEO of AirAsia Datuk Tony Fernandes and his team!!!



My Rantings said...

so wat did Tony say?

W_W_H said...

my rantings : hi there!!! well, he said that is due to the overwhelming respone from the route to australia, thats y its always get jam up and longer conversations. well, job well done for tony and the gang!!! and he did said too they will improves the systems as soon as possible... ;)

cc said...

Good to know that some people actually care about their customers' opinions. :)