Saturday, 11 October 2008

Buka Puasa at Guoman Resort, Port Dickson.

Yeah yeah I know... This is a damn long backdated post... Hari Raya already past, and now only I post up this buka puasa gathering just days before the Hari Raya arrives.........

Yes, my collegues went for a buka puasa gathering at the Guoman Resort Port Dickson just days before the raya arrives. It was like a mini family away day for us, sit together for makan makan, lets all the kids to play around at the playground. It was quite a short getaway, but definitely a very fun getaway...

For the food, it was ok... Can't really expect really delicious finger linking good. What do you expect from buffet dinner right... It was not the quality but the quantity!!!!!!!!!

An outlook at the coffee house in the resort itself.

Well, this is my shift team personal... All fully satisfied with their makan and starting to TC!!!

Some of the handsome but not so famous model around us... ;)

The lady / wives corner!!! ( Gossiping for sure lah, what else!!! )


And more kids!!!!!!!

There will be another round of makan makan on this coming Monday night... In one of our oldest collegues's house... Some sort of open house. Will be definitely more people this time and more delicious food!!! Can't wait for the time to arrives!!!!!!!!! Yeahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Its makan time again!!! So many festivals, so many makan makan time!!! I'm so glad that I'm having all the kind of experiences!!!

Will be back with more updates soon!!!!!!!!!

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