Monday, 9 June 2008

Rebrand and Recap!!!

Yeah I know I know, I've not been updating regularly... Very lazy lah, with the "NO TIME" words written down nicely on my forehead... Can you imagine that until the extent want to go and "pangsai" also have to look at the watch!!! Just like you have the timetable when only you can do this and do that... DUH!!! Is it really that hard to live a life nowadays??? Basket!!!

I also know you all must be very "TULAN" to come back here to see no update... Very sorry for that... Well, I'm trying to be a good boy now, to update as much as possible, ok??? ;)

Been so many things happen lately for the past few months... Post erection fever still around, not enough with that, fuel price keep on going up, now come the news that essentialls goods will be going up to as high as 10%!!! Can you imagine that, 10%!!! If my pocket can grow extra 10% thick so nice leh hoh... Instead of growing thicker, its going the other way round!!! Global market swing like mad, today up 100 poins, tomorrow down 300 points. Where got meaning wan!!! If continue like this, I think I have to go and stand at the petrol kiosk or maybe some backlane of shophouses!!! TIU!!!

Not enough with this, on the past weekend, my wifey and I went to do some grocery shopping... Manage to get most of the item that we are looking for... But to our surprise, when we stop by at the infant milk counter, just to check out the price of the formula that both of our angel is taking... and guess what... the price went up AGAIN!!! Haiyoyo!!! like this how to make more babies??? Sure koyak wan like this... My eldest daughter is 2 1/2 now, I can still remember when I went to buy the very first can of this formula 2 and 1/2 years back, it just cost RM29.90. And try to guess what is the price now??? Let me telciu lah... its cost RM53.90!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine it??? It is almost 100% increament!!! And than my wife look at me and said.........

"If your pay increased by almost 100% in just 2 1/2 year time so good leh hoh..."

Seriously, with this kinda situation, we are going nowhere...



Dancing Queen said...

Sigh...everything goes up, really need to eat grass but even then salad here is selling like RM8.90 per packet! Even grass is expensive! :(

Huei said...

WALAU!!! aiyo! i think hor..after reading this post..everyone dun wana make babies liao!!

100%!?!??!?!?! CHISIN!!!! niasing! stupid msia la!!

oh got one wallet growing thicker la! but not with cash..but with BILLS and CC cos NO MORE CASH! MUST SPEND FUTURE MONEY BY USING CC!!!!! #*&^#*@&$^*@&#^$*

cc said...

Even for a agriculture based country like NZ also cannot avoid that. I'll tell you about the prices in my next post.

W_W_H said...

DQ : eat grass??? grass expensive eat what leh??? eat air loh, free mah... ;)

huei : lidat mah sure koyak wan!!! how to tahan lidat???

cc : it is really a global issue like this... no escape!!!

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