Monday, 3 December 2007

The Rich and The Poor.

I always ask myself, why some people are so rich and why some people are so poor??? The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Why??? Why there must be such a big gap between mankind's life??? God is great, and He is very fair......... Everyone born to this world is equally the same. Don't tell me that someone is born with money in their hand, or maybe a pot of golds or diamonds in their pocket right??? Let don't talk about their parents background ok...

To me, everyone is the same. The different is whether you are willing to take an extra step or not. Thats it!!! For example...

You work 5 days a week,
You earn a decent earning,
Own a car,
Own a house,
Got some savings,
You spent your weekend with your family.

This seems like a normal life, is it???

Why not you go some extra mile, like instead of keeping your money in saving, why not try to make your money work harder......... for you!!!

There are plenty of investment scheme around us, just that most of us are not aware about it or too kiasu to let your money roll. Do you agree with what I've just said... Do you???

Money is everywhere, just that to see whether you realise where is it and how to pick it up only. As simple as that!!!

I've seen someone in real life, whereby his age is just 3 years older than me, in his early 30s. He works 5 days a week. Whereby he only spent about 3 to 4 hours working aday. Hey man, i'm working 5 days a week too, but 8 hours!!! So much different hoh......... He owns one mansion, drive a luxury imported sport car. His wife, a siu nai nai, taking care the child. He goes to holiday every now and than. And to my surprise when he told me that his education level is up to FORM 5!!! Can you believe it???

At first, I also thought of maybe that his parents are rich or whatsoever, but hey, to my surprise too, his parents used to be the rubber tapper, which the rubber estate is still around, just about 10 mins drive from my home......... Can you believe it???

From time to time, we always heard stories about how people success in their lifes. Just like our very own late Mr Lim Goh Tong on how he succeeded to transform a mountain into a world famous resorts. Do you agree with me??? Its just that whether we want to take the extra step or not only. Just like when you want to walk, when you walk the first step, automatically the other leg will make the second step right. Don't tell me that you need to instruct the other leg to move right.........

Everyone one of us can think, but how much do you actually utilizing your brain capability??? It only takes a little extra effort to realise all your dreams to come true.........

do I make any sense here???


Huei said...

u can invest ur money to get more..then again there's this thing as being in the right place at the right time

and investment = meh?? heheheh =P

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Aiyah! Look at ur finger! Got long got short! So in life where got fair wan! Maybe it is fate that some people will be rich & some people like most of us have to work our as*s off every day!
But don't be sad! Compare to other I am sure u r still better!
So don't worry be happy!
Have a nice day!

Clare said...

Have you been reading Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad or Retire Young, Retire Rich or Donald Trump's book???

W_W_H said...

huei : investment is not gambling. investment sure make money wan, gambling is 50 50 chance only mah, right......... ;)

ang moh : hard to say also ang moh, some from very poor also can be very rich.........

clare : wuahh!!! 100% 'chung'!!!

FireHorse aka Kopi Soh said...

Life deals each of us different cards and you are right to an extend, it's how we choose to play the game, however, we can't control everything around us, we do the best we can but sometimes things just don't work out.

Clare said...

Before you fall deeper into being brainwashed by Robert Kiyosaki, you better read this first

People like Robert Kiyosaki is a cheat! If he claimed himself to be a multi millionaire, how come he was not listed in the World's Millionaire list? Have you think about it? Well, read the article in the link I provided above and you'll know what I mean.

W_W_H said...

firehorse : yeah, what u said is true. we can plan to do this way, but it is not necesseraly for it to turn out the way that u want it to be.........

anyway, welcome back kopi soh... glad to see you around!!!

clare : actually i'm not really being brained washed by his writing. I believe in myself and i do have my own stand and my own way of thinking. what u said is true enough, i do agree with what u said, but when someone claim him or herself some kinda people, why not we just take a peep in their life right???

well, this is another piece of short note about me... ;)