Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Time Flies...

Wow, its been a while since the last post. 10 days had gone... Actually we all went back to my wife hometown in Taiping to attend a prayer. And there goes 5 days without work, without headache, without the hattrick life in the office... just pure relax, plenty of rain, plenty of cheap food and plenty of durian!!! DURIAN wei!!!

Can you imagine there are about 8 of us, sitting at the road side, walloping durian fresh from the fruit itself... and there this helpful seller helping us to potong the durian... Funny also is that there are plenty types of durian already nowadays, from kampung to D24, udang merah to tembaga, tupai tawau to D88. What else will be coming the next season??? This season I really had alot, in the office 6 days continues... back to Taiping another 2 days continues... eat til my face also swallon with the pimples... Nevermind nevermind, drink plenty of water, flush away all the heatyness...

We also manage to catch up a lil moment with my wife's cousin from Australia. Only missing this time is the other part of her which she left him in the land of the kanggaro... And also the other cousin that studying in Russia. Only one lil fellow didn't come back, the one which is in Singapore. Hey, if you are reading this... you are the nearest to Malaysia, but why didn't come back leh??? How can !!!

Planned to go to Penang, but didn't manage to find the time to do so. Just too many places need to go within Taiping itself... Its ok, will be going back again during the Hari Raya time for the 9 Emperor Gods Festival... I'll be back!!! This time I'll make sure to take longer leave, I'll bet ya!!! Will post up some photos taken during this trip the next post, got no time to edit yet, ok??? :)

Haiya, I just realise woh, that my blog already 1 year old plus woh. Wuah, so fast the time had passed... Hmm... how should I celebrate it leh???




Huei said...


walau!! i mau liu liann!!! i wan i wan i wannN!!!

cc said...

Happy Blogiversary to you!!!

Plenty of rains here, no cheap food or durians. :(

~hong~ said...

happy anniversary to your blog! keep it alive okay?

i was in melbourne how to go back?

shucks! i miss durian! i miss taiping! never mind i'll have my fair share when i go back in october.

too bad i can't go back during raya. so i guess we won't be catching up again. :(

till then ... take care!

Clare said...

Try eating durian with alcohol next time :D I tried them with wine. Yummy! Got OOOMPH!!! And I'm still alive. Hahahaha!!!

Glad to have you back. Thought you missing in action liao. Hehe! Happy anniversary!

The Horny Bitch said...


I just had durians too.

Happy 1st yr anniversary!

W_W_H said...

huei : tqtqtq...

liu lian??? or ah lian???

cc : tqtqtq...

haiya, come to malaysia lah, me bling u to eat cheap cheap and nice nice food!!!

~hong~ : will do my best!!!

but when u back in october the durian no more edi woh... how???
but y end of october??? 9 emperor god how???

clare : siau arr lu??? ICU man afterwards!!!

me no MIA lah, just abit bz only... ;)

THB : tqtqtq...

no wonder the durian smell so strong here lah...!!!

~hong~ said...

yea heard from PW you people will be going back beginning of the month.

unfortunately, 9 god emperor no public holiday. how to go back? deepavali is end of oct you see. lol.