Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Formula 1 ( wifey version )

Hubby MISERY experience SHARING HOBBY with WIFEY
*wrote by wifey…

His birthday present was a ticket to Formula 1...
After knowing he's the Lucky Ones he's been jumping like a 5 year old kiddo for the past 5 days...

Countdown on afternoon Sunday 23rd Mac...
Started journey at about 12.30pm...
Reached Sepang at 1.30pm...
ohhh goshh... stucked at traffic jam about almost 1hr just a distance of 2km before Sepang Circuit...
Imagine sitting with a hardcore F1 fan in a closeup air-conditioned car.....ahhhhrrrrrgggg...
Only hearing really ONLY VROOOooooo... vrooommm... VROOOOOOMMMMMMMMM....Veeeeeee.. coming out from my hubby mouth
(1 hour jammed in traffic, my head really got jammed liao)

Finding for a place to park his 2nd wife took about 30 mins...atlast we managed it.
Hubby: (talking to a voluntary Sepang car park attendant) Encik...berapa ticket...??
Attendant: 50..cik
Hubby: (turning head to wifey) wei...50 woh..
Wifey: pay lah...50 only mah..
Hubby: oh.ya hoh (while handing RM50 note to the attendant and wind up the car window)
Wifey: ooii..did the handsome guy gave u back the balance?
Hubby:Huh????? (Very BLur face with lots lots of ????)
Wifey: Aha.. Did he??
Hubby: RM50 mah..correct lah..(showing the stern face)
Wifey: WAT... Wat..How Much Again?
Hubby: RM50 loh..CORRECT lah (Still showing the 'fiercy face'..not knowing he'll get screw 2sec later)
Wifey: WAT... how come so expensive. I thought 50cents..Haiyo..haiyo. doi..doi...
Hubby: (Face turn pale liao) I thought u know it is RM50..
Wifey: U said…50 mah not RM50
Hubby:Pay liao loh..nvm lah (try to cool wifey..) we got free ticket liao mah..nvm lah..
Wifey: (Seeing his innocent face..from cloud real HITAM turn to cloud Blue liao) Ok lah Ok lah
Hubby: (Safe from Bla Bla Bla)
Wifey: Smilling..
Hubby: (Just remember bout the car attendant) HANDSOME GUY hoh..HANDSOME GUY hoh..
Wifey: (Pretending not hearing it)

After parking the car..my hubby open the car door, and we heard really loud, I mean really LOUD engine sound. MY FERRARI,.my Ferrari, my Ferrari…only thing that came out from my hubby mouth…

As usual before got down the car…look at the mirror and started to…’PAN LENG LENG’
Poor my hubby…looking so desperate (not looking at me but hoping for me to be faster)
Hehehe…same old thing…taking my own sweet time…
But guess wat… Wat a hubby is he !!! after waiting for me not even 2 mins, he can just pass his car keys to me and ask me to lock the car after I’m done.

As soon as that, I can see my hubby starting to run up to the hill stand like a ‘monkey kena belacan..’ (not knowing he can run so FAST..i mean run not hike wohhh…)
I continue to take my time...locking the car and slowly hike up (thinking haiya…all racers need to go atleast 20 laps, if late also I still got chance to see them anyway)
to the hill. Really good workout for me….since quite a long time I didn’t do any after started taking care of our 1st ‘Tai cheh tai’…hehehe

Looking at my watch stated 3.30pm…(hmm…thinking how long this will end leh)
Estimated the race will end maybe roughly 5pm.
“ I know I know, for those hardcore F1 fans out there…are now cursing me like hell…
Saying doi…this fellow got a chance to watch F1 live in action but still grumbling for the race to end as fast as possible”….hehehe….

The funniest part here is…

Thinking that haiya…nvm lah since hubby loves it a lot…though leaving me behind ALONE to hike up to the hillstand…also forgiven lah.
But mana tahu….hehehe..

When I reach the entrance….my Hubby standing THERE (with very angry, exhausted, disappointed, and anxious face) waiting for me…
Hehehe…poor fellow…at the particular time..my heart sank…I really laugh my heart out.. HE’s HOLDING THE TICKETs…he can’t went in first cos he’s holding BOTH OUR tickets.. and I don’t have my handphone with me. And I just laugh and laugh and laugh..
Guess WAT!!! That moment, none not even a single word came out from his mouth… if he could maybe he’ll burst into tears…(this is what shown in his expression)

For those HARDCORE Formula 1 FANS (including my Hubby) out there….
Though the cost for :
1) cheapest ticket was RM100
2) parking ticket was RM50
3) A bottle 500ml mineral water was RM5
4) A can of Tiger was RM15
5) A box with 2 slices of tuna egg sandwich was RM7
6) A normal hotdog bread available at the roadside stall was RM7
7) A can of 100plus isotonic drink was RM5

ALL worthy right….for FORMULA 1 ‘Mou MunTai’


TINTIN said...

wakaka,..this is funny~ great one 'Ah Sou' ^.^

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! U r bad!!!! 'Takeing u own sweet time to walk'!!!!!
He! He! But I enjoy reading ur post! Maybe u can have u own blog too!
Have a nice day!

p/s W W H!!! U r lucky to have a wify who can blog tooo!!! Lucky u only wrote good thing about her!

vampynyam said...

Wow RM50 for a parking ticket?? IT is a real cut-throat!! Hmmmm....the last i went for F1 i didnt enjoy as much cos i just heard "Vroooom" sound and cant even figure out which cars that passes by...the only good experience was the excitement...But RM50 for parking ticket...Hmmm...Your hubby ah

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